Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Nov 28, 2023.  Submit your own letter by clicking HERE.

I have written on this subject before and will continue until the cult begins to open their eyes.

I am completely void of reasons why anyone would still vote for Donald Trump but the three standard answers I hear are these.

1. The economy is awful and was much better under Trump. This is patently false, and though I could offer a statistical analysis, instead just check the right leaning Wall Street Journal who predicted an eminent recession for months but now says the economy is solid.

2. Trump appointed Supreme Court judges. This is true; however, those three judges spearheaded the most unpopular ruling in decades when it overturned Roe v Wade.

3. America was more respected in the world under Trump. This is true, but not by freedom loving countries such as our allies in western Europe and NATO, but by Russia, North Korea, and perhaps China, where average citizens have very few freedoms at all.

If Americans want to continue as a country where people who don’t agree with you are the opposition not “vermin”, where judges are respected jurists not “scum bags”, and where the freedom of the press, as stated by Ronald Reagan is “one of our most important freedoms,” and not “the enemy of the people,” then we must not elect this damaged man.

And in my opinion, anyone who thinks one single word uttered by this man since the 2020 election is presidential or American have forfeited their right to call themselves patriots.

Douglas Campbell, Port Charlotte

Image Credits: public domain