Winning strategy targets increasing Vote-By-Mail enrollment

by Penelope Mayer, Precinct Coordinating Committee

“Every election is determined by people who show up.” Larry J. Sabato Pendulum Swing

Immediately after the 2018 midterms, our Precinct Coordinating Committee began work on a winning strategy to get out the vote (GOTV) in 2020. We are concentrating our efforts on enrolling Charlotte County Democrats and left-leaning Non-Party Affiliates (NPAs) in the Vote by Mail (VBM) program.

Why that strategy? Because a voter enrolled in the vote by mail program has an 80% plus chance of actually voting! And if our Democrats and like-minded voters don’t vote, we lose!

How do we get those voters enrolled? We talk and walk. First, we call our targeted group of voters, those not enrolled in vote by mail, and encourage them to do so.

picture of 2 canvassers
Two Charlotte Dems talk about election with a voter.

Then we knock on the doors of those who have not enrolled as a result of our phone calls and ask them to enroll in VBM on the spot, either by calling the Supervisor of Elections at 941-833-5400 or by filling out a VBM enrollment card.

(Additionally, voters may also enroll on line at

This face to face contact has proven to be the most effective way to engage voters and happens to be the least expensive way to do so. But it takes a village of hard-working souls putting many soles on the ground to reach all those voters.

To help us meet and talk with our Democratic voters,
please click here to contact the Precinct Coordinating Committee.