August 3, 2020

How Trump motivated her

Volunteer Spotlight

August 2, 2020

Addressing voter suppression-Part 2


August 1, 2020

Republicans and Frankenstein: a political horror story


July 30, 2020

Reimagining America Part 3


July 29, 2020

From impeachment to eviction: Not on our watch!


July 28, 2020

Protect our precious Florida environment


July 28, 2020

Biden plan: climate change, our environment and clean energy

Biden's Vision

July 28, 2020

Charlotte County passes face mask resolution

Face Masks

July 27, 2020

Increasing voter participation in Charlotte County-Part 1


July 27, 2020

Reimagining America Part 2


July 27, 2020

Beating up veterans; gassing moms: welcome to 45’s secret police


July 26, 2020

Double trouble ahead for millions of Americans


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2020/10/05 17:00:00

Ensure you haven’t been purged from the voter roles.

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