A list of lawmakers’ ‘haves’ and their ‘needs’

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on May 29, 2023.

Before they’ll honor our IOUs and to save money, Republicans want to impose more work requirements on our most vulnerable citizens, most of whom are already working, if able, at minimum wage jobs, if they can get them, with no health insurance, sick days, vacation days or retirement plans, or who are disabled, in school, or caring for small children.

These callous lawmakers enjoy at taxpayer expense:

• Annual salaries of $174,000, more for majority/minority leaders.

• Hundreds of days away from the “office.”

• 72% of health insurance premiums paid with dental and vision coverage.

• Generous pensions in addition to Social Security.

• Lifetime health insurance after retirement.

• Parking and flight perks.

• Family death gratuity worth a year’s salary.

• Annual allowances for office, staff, travel.

• $25 per month onsite Hill gym membership with pool, sauna, paddle ball, basketball court.

• Onsite beauty salon and member dedicated subway shuttle around Hill.

I’d like to see more work requirements for them, see them:

• Answer correspondences and calls from constituents, not sending boilerplate responses bragging on themselves and proving they haven’t heard a word we’ve said.

• Conduct town halls peopled by all constituents not just supporters.

• Spend less time fundraising, securing power, more time legislating on behalf of their constituents, not grandstanding their own ideological beliefs.

• Conduct more business in the People’s House, not on golf courses, yachts, resorts.

• Do unto others as they do unto themselves.

By Penelope Mayer, Punta Gorda

Image Credits: publicdomainpictures.net