After Roller Coaster Crash, Volusia County Democrats Call for Accountability from Adam Putnam

At a presser in front of the Sand Blaster roller coaster, Volusia County Democrats called for Adam Putnam and the Department of Agriculture to be held accountable for signing off on the roller coaster just hours before it crashed:

  • Susanne Raines, President, Democratic Club of Northern Volusia County: “I’m frustrated with the lack of competence and accountability from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This is not the first example of mismanagement: 291 people got concealed weapon permits because Adam Putnam’s agency wasn’t doing background checks. Now we have a roller coaster that was inspected by Adam Putnam’s agency two hours before it derailed and sent people crashing to the pavement. This is unacceptable. It’s supposed to be the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services — not corporate services, not NRA services. Adam Putnam needs to go back to Tallahassee and get his own house in order before he campaigns for another job.”
  • Dr. Katie Tripp, Candidate for House District 25: “Here in District 25, tourism is key to our business economy. Visitors from around the world travel here with an expectation of safety. As Floridians, we hope that our elected officials in Tallahassee, at the Department of Agriculture and elsewhere, who are paid with our tax dollars, are working diligently every day for our best interests. Whether we’re talking about proper background checks for concealed weapons licensing or inspection programs for amusement rides, we need to know that our agencies and elected officials are working every day to protect our best interests. In the wake of evidence that any elected officials have failed to stand guard for us, it is our civic duty to speak up and remind them of the accountability that they accepted in taking office; and of the responsibilities we expect them to honor on each and every day of their terms.”

Putnam’s failure to properly inspect the Sandy Blaster roller coaster was not a one-time incident. It’s part of a disturbing pattern of negligence and mismanagement at the Agriculture Department. Last week, it was revealed that Putnam’s Agriculture Department had issued 365 concealed carry permits without conducting a full background check — and then had to revoke 291 of them.