Andrew Gillum campaign threatens legal action over Ron DeSantis FBI attack ad

The Andrew Gillum for Governor campaign warned Florida television stations they will seek legal action against them if they air a Ron DeSantis for Governor attack ad.

The ad in question links the Tallahassee mayor to an FBI probe of City Hall. Gillum’s campaign legal team said it misrepresents coverage by the Tallahassee Democrat and Politico of the FBI investigation. They claim the advertisement paid for by the Republican Party of Florida is demonstrably false and was “made with actual malice.”

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POLITIFACT – Fact-checking an attack on Andrew Gillum’s ties to an FBI investigation in Tallahassee

A Republican Party of Florida TV ad splices together soundbites from TV reporters with a sinister narrator to paint a portrait of Gillum as a man in investigators’ crosshairs.

That’s extremely misleading. We rated the statement that Gillum is running from the FBI False.

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