File A Census Online – Healthcare Funds Hinge

Census results affect planning and funding for healthcare—including programs such as Medicaid, Medicare Part B, State Children’s Health Insurance, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

In mid-March, instructions were mailed to homes across the state on how to complete the 2020 Census.

All households should have received their letter with an access code from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Please remind your social media friends to complete their Census. Why?

Representation matters, especially when it comes to who is writing and shaping legislation. The Census is used to reapportion the U. S. House of Representatives. Florida could see an additional 3 congressional seats, which could result in more fair representation.

Every 10 years, state officials use Census results to redraw the boundaries of their congressional and state legislative districts. As demographics change, so do neighborhoods. Proper redistricting means lawmakers will be more representative of their community’s interests in shaping public policy.

Local governments use Census data to ensure public safety, plan for new schools, hospitals, and medical centers. If a community is undercounted, that could result in a lack of police officers and healthcare, and overcrowded schools.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents a number of troubling issues, Census participation shouldn’t be one. With most Floridians staying indoors, logging on to and being counted is easy. The census is comprised of nine simple questions and takes most people less than ten minutes to complete. 

To learn more about the Census, watch the video: 2020 Census: What is the Census?