Catherine Price returns to Charlotte County

Catherine Price, the Democratic Candidate for Florida Senate District 26, has been traveling extensively throughout the district to talk about topics important to Floridians. People are concerned about good paying jobs, a clean environment and water, quality public education, affordable quality health care, and the influence of money on public policy.

Last week, Catherine’s campaign took her through Charlotte County. She made a visit to a house party in King’s Gate community. To the delight of the guests, she sang her campaign song “Let’s Make Ben a Has Been”. After the house party, Catherine and her campaign manager, Ariadne Juarez, erected a campaign sign in Punta Gorda.

Catherine has posted many videos on her Facebook page about her campaign and why she wants to be the next senator on her Facebook page. Here are her song “Let’s Make Ben (Albritton) a Has Ben” and the sign raising in Punta Gorda. In this video, Catherine explains why she is campaigning. Because of her positions and depth of knowledge of the issues,  the Sun newspaper endorses Catherine Price. Visit and like Catherine’s Facebook page.Image Credits: Photo taken from Catherine Price's Facebook page