Charlotte County Democratic precinct events underway

On April 14, Precinct 34 invited Punta Gorda Vice Mayor Gary Wein to a neighborhood coffee and conversation event. This event is one of many being planned and held around Charlotte County. The

Punta Gorda Vice Mayor Gary Wein addresses Precinct 34 gathering

county DEC’s goal is to hold at least one event in every one of the county’s eighty precincts this year.

Precinct captains are planning and holding the events for their precincts to focus on local concerns and to organize party efforts and campaigns, especially with the upcoming mid-term elections in mind. Currently, the Vote by Mail initiative is being promoted.

Precinct 34 is located in Punta Gorda. Vice-mayor Wein discussed Punta Gorda’s growth issues as well as providing insights about regional and statewide campaigns. Using both statistical information and his experience, he talked with event participants about current conditions and future projections for our area, including tips about what local citizens can do to have their voices heard and make a difference in our communities.

You can find out what precinct you live in by checking your voter registration card or by visiting the Supervisor of Elections Web site at To find out about upcoming Democratic Party events in your area, call County DEC headquarters or visit the DEC’s Web site at