Charlotte County Democrats vote for Gun Safety and Violence Prevention

The Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee, the official arm of the Democratic Party in Charlotte County voted unanimously Monday evening in favor of two resolutions:

1 — Supporting sensible gun safety laws.

2 — Supporting a comprehensive gun violence prevention plan.

Here are the texts of the two resolutions.


WHEREAS, the number of mass shooting incidents in the United States continues to rise in 2019; and 

WHEREAS, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 253 mass shooting incidents have occurred as of August 4; and, WHEREAS, the shootings in Texas and Ohio in August 2019 left 29 dead and dozens more injured; and

WHEREAS the right-wing political extremist who gunned down nearly two dozen people in El Paso, Texas and the man who shot and killed nice people in Dayton, Ohio carried out their savage attacks using military-style rifles.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Charlotte County Democratic Party supports sensible gun safety laws, including:  Banning “assault” weapons and ammunition clips that hold more than 5 rounds, closing background check loopholes, required licensing for all gun owners, registration of all firearms, and requiring guns in homes with minors to be locked away.


WHEREAS, gun violence is a preventable health crisis resulting in 33,000+ U.S. deaths annually; and,
WHEREAS, the Charlotte County Democratic Party recognizes “the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited” (Heller);
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Charlotte County Democratic Party supports background checks on all gun transfers; a ban and buyback of magazines for assault style weapons, large magazines, and rapid-fire devices; and a time-limited prohibition on gun ownership by
those with violent misdemeanor convictions;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Charlotte County Democratic Party supports a comprehensive gun violence prevention plan including access to mental health services, federal funding for research on gun violence, keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and a 48-hour waiting period for any gun purchase.