Charlotte County Dems endorse supplemental sales tax

CC penny tax

By Fran Dance, Charlotte County Dems writer

The Democratic Executive Committee recently convened to review the pros and cons of extending the current 1% Charlotte County tax, originally approved in 1994, for another 6-year period (2021-2026). The decision was based upon the many beneficial community improvements that were funded over the previous term and are planned for the future.  Please click here to learn more about how the revenue from this tax is spent and watch a video explaining the new projects here.

Charlotte County residents share the expense of this incremental sales tax with many snowbirds and tourists who swell our local population in winter months. Hence, the burden of this tax is shared by non-residents and residents alike. But all reap its benefits, whether rich or poor, resident or non-resident. The improvements enhance our Quality of Life and the attractiveness of Charlotte County as a great destination to “Live the Dream.” 

The Executive Committee recommends a vote FOR the one-cent sales tax.

Image Credits: Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections