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As our nation celebrates Independence Day, we must take heed of the autocratic legislators who are dismantling the democratic republic set up by our founding fathers who fled such oppression.

In Florida we have a governor who promotes gun violence while stripping away our right to assemble and the electoral process. A wealthy senator Medicare scammer who denied federal funds for Medicaid expansion to help medical costs for Floridians. A congressman and insurrectionist supporter who voted to stop the peaceful transfer of power after the 2020 election, then voted no for Congressional Medals of Honor for the very Capitol police that protected him on January 6.

A senator who said “CRT (critical race theory) is Marxism.” Critical thinking is the gathering of information to make an educated decision, God forbid we should have that happen in our schools. Knowledge is power, and obviously he doesn’t want any free and independent thinkers, only taught the biased and bigoted hatred his ideology promotes. A congressman charged with sex trafficking and exploiting women. A disgraced U.S. general, guilty of accepting money from dictators to spread their propaganda here, also a QAnon conspiracy theorist who supports violent white supremacy militia, and now involved in the fraudulent audit in Arizona.

Don’t need to say more, their words and actions speak for themselves. This is not the America our founding fathers envisioned. We are a democratic republic, if we can keep it. We must stop these oppressors while we still have time. Support our free press, stay educated and informed.

Diane Allen

Port Charlotte

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