Dire times motivate visitors to Charlotte Dems

Three visitors, Anita Helton-Green, Linda and John Sauceba with Lucy Garner, State Committeewoman.

What motivated three visitors to attend a recent Charlotte Dems general meeting? They are appalled about where the US is heading and they want to make a change. “I’m not an ‘in-your-face’ kind of guy, but I know the difference between right and wrong”, said John Sauceba.

Accompanying John was his wife, Linda. “We have lost our ability to communicate and to share what is right and wrong”, she said. Linda recalled incidents during Trump’s presidential campaign rally when he appeared to support violence. “He would pay the legal fees for a supporter who punched a protester at a campaign rally”, she said.

Also visiting Charlotte Dems for the first time was Anita Helton-Green. She is troubled about the level of violence and racism that is now out and in the open. She worries about the safety of children. “What is eye-opening is the conversations we are now having with our children (for their safety)”, Anita said.