Division threatens fragile democracy

Not long ago, a nightly routine for the Republican president and the Democratic speaker of the House was to meet at the White House, share a drink and discuss how to bridge any gaps in their search to serve our country.

Where has that spirit of constructive political leadership gone?

Now, a Republican senator has stopped our armed forces from improving its command structure and threaten not to pay for services already rendered (which Congress approved in the first place).

Republican legislators in the US House may well bring our nation to a halt by refusing to approve the 2023-2024 budget. All in the name of refusing to compromise.

Democracies are fragile. All we need to do is look at the sad histories of many Central and South American countries. They won their freedom from their European masters and published founding documents promising freedom, justice and the rule of law.

Strong-minded men in many of these countries, who refused to compromise their own agendas, have destroyed the dreams of their people.

Now their people struggle to head north to America for a better life. Where will our grandchildren go when their dreams fail? Canada?

Ronald F. Cota, Sarasota