DWC September Focus on Water Quality

The DWC September meeting’s program featured two water quality presenters:  Peace River-Charlotte Harbor Environmental Awareness (PReaCH) and Captains for Clean Water.

PReaCH presenters Rhett Morris and Phoebe Menzer inform DWC about the dangers of Mosaic Phosphate Mining

The PReaCH presenters provided historical data and information about Mosaic Mining’s PR and legislative efforts to secure even more mining permits along the rivers that contribute to water contamination. Mosaic’s mining practices lead to irreversible dangers to our drinking water supply.

PReaCH encourages citizens to attend county commission and city council meetings to speak directly to local politicians.  The organization is spearheading an effort to get county commissions across the state of Florica to pass a resolution to halt phosphate mining expansion.

A 1971 phosphate spill in the Peace River killed 90% of the fish.

The presenters encouraged the audience to attend a FL Department of Environment hearing to contest Mosaic’s Bartow Chemical Plant Permit Renewal.  The meeting will be held on September 30, from 4-7 p.m. at the Mulberry Community Center, 1392 N. Church Ave., Mulberry, FL  33860

Captains for Clean Water Chris Wittman (r) and Daniel Andrews (l)

The Captains for Clean Water representatives, Daniel Andrews and Chris Wittman described their efforts to work for legislation and funding for restoration efforts at the local, state, and federal levels.  They noted that one of their main goals, similar to the goals of PReaCh, is to educate people.  They hope their efforts will get people to talk and then act on the public record.

The DWC’s next meeting will be on October 14 at 11:00 a.m. at DEC Headquarters.  The speaker will be Charlotte County School Board member Cara Reynolds.