Parade Showcases Democrats’ Spirited Environmental Support

The Englewood Pioneer Days Parade on Saturday hosted a tremendous turnout by members of the Democratic Party.  Our neighbors showed robust support with cheers and positive reactions to the festive Award-Winning float.

More than two dozen members of the newly established Englewood Democratic Club were joined by members of the Charlotte Co. DEC, Democratic Club, Charlotte Co. Democratic Environmental Caucus, and Democratic Women’s Club marching alongside the environmentally-themed float.

The large crowd of Democratic marchers was very conspicuous with their “Think Green, Vote Blue” t-shirts.  Residents of the Englewood area has been active in environmental issues, especially following the 2018 summer of unprecedented animal deaths in our waterways due to Red Tide and Harmful Algae Blooms.

Protecting our environment remains a key message for local Democrats, as we work to encourage traditional Republican voters to stop voting against their own interests.  It appeared that many folks along the parade route appreciated the environmental focus of the Democrat’s float, which was surrounded by upbeat and enthusiastic local Democrats.

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Many of the marchers were heartened by the enthusiastic reception by viewers along the parade route.

The original Pioneer Days parade was postponed when Hurricane Dorian threatened Florida. Club members were forced to assemble the float two times. The supplier of the original trailer had to withdraw from the rescheduled parade due to prior commitments forcing Club members to rebuild the float on a second trailer.