Everybody. Andrew Gillum has a strong message on Pre-Existing Conditons


(From Politico.com)

Today, Andrew Gillum and his gubernatorial campaign hold events in Miami, Tampa/St. Pete and West Palm Beach to attack DeSantis over his repeated votes to block Obamacare and the issue of preexisting conditions. That’s also the subject of Gillum’s first ad against DeSantis called “Everybody.” The script is below:

— “They’re called pre-existing conditions, and everybody knows somebody who has one. But in Congress, Ron DeSantis demanded that any new health law eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He’d let insurance companies deny them coverage. And when he was asked what cancer patients should do without health insurance, DeSantis said ‘show up to the emergency room.’ How can DeSantis lead Florida when he leaves Floridians behind?” Watch it here