Florida Democrats Knock 1.4 Million Doors in 2018 Primary Election Season

As Florida Democrats prepare for another Weekend of Action ahead of the Primary election, they mark a milestone in their grassroots efforts, having knocked 1.4 million doors across Florida so far in the 2018 election season. The milestone reflects the renewed energy and commitment of Democratic voters across the state.

“The momentum is a movement, and the people on the ground, our grassroots activists are doing the hard work to make sure Democrats win in November,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo. “We have hundreds of people who have never volunteered in politics before stepping up to knock on doors, and make phone calls. And we plan to knock on over 3 million voters doors by the time November comes.”

Democrats have spent every weekend of the summer holding weekend of actions, with participation in all 67-counties. The milestone comes after Democrats surpassed their 2014 VBM numbers with 7 days left of voting.

“In every corner of the state I am seeing more enthusiasm than we have in years – not just because of the record number of candidates Democrats have put on the ballot, but because people know what’s at stake in 2018,” Rizzo said.

This weekend, ahead of the August 28 primary, the party will be focused on getting people to the polls for early voting, and using new data and technology to turnout Democrats on Election Day.