Gun contributions to Dist. 17 Rep. Steube and Senator Rubio total nearly a Quarter Million Dollars

According to data from the watchdog group OpenSecrets. org, contributions to local Congressman Greg Steube and Florida Senator Marco Rubio from the gun rights industry total almost a quarter-million dollars.

To be fair, Steube’s gun receipts during his first term (he was elected in 2016) total a mere $5,000 compared to Rubio’s whopping $243,179. And Rubio’s haul from the death industry is fifth among all US Senators. Rubio was first elected to the Senate in 2010.

But Steube has gained special notoriety by championing bills to allow guns on Florida’s college campuses and other traditionally gun-free zones.

According to this article in MarketWatch, the NRA and other gun groups target 98% of their campaign contributions to Republicans.