I liked Ron until he crowned himself king

The following letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on May 23, 2023.

In 2018 I was impressed by Ron DeSantis. I thought “Finally! Someone grounded with common sense and no grievances.”

In 2022 re-elected, then, he grabbed headlines by shipping immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts. Why? It’s not ours to deal with or pay for.

Since then, lawsuits filed against him/us from most of them were given visa status to stay here until those lawsuits are completed. Years. Floridians pay for this.

Fighting with Disney over their special governing status (what brought them to Florida in 1968). Ron wasn’t born yet. Disney isn’t “getting away” with anything. It’s why they chose (and pay) to be here. We’ll pay for this lawsuit too.

Changing education by cancelling books/courses proclaiming CRT is poisoning youth. No, it isn’t and stop manufacturing ideas that ignorant people will accept as real or fact. It’s neither.

Common sense? Passing legislation hiding his travel expenses, why? It’s not about safety. Transparency removed? This feels criminal.

Passing legislation allowing him to keep his salary while he goes job hunting for the presidency. How is that fair and going to work for future Florida governors who want the same thing privilege?

Still fighting with our insurance company over Ian losses. Ron has two bills on his desk to cap the increase on policy renewals. Unsigned.

Good governing? A family member currently in France, called last week to ask what is going on in Florida with Ron DeSantis?

I said, “Ron made himself king.”

Sally Weithman, Rotonda West