Important Voter Information

Important information about Registering to Vote, Voting-By-Mail, Early Voting and Election Day voting.

You can find information from Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) about your voter registration status.

  • Vote-by-Mail status – when was your VBM mailed to you, and when
  • SOE received your ballot
  • Where your polling location is for Election Day

Check your registration status here.

Find when early voting will take place and where you can vote early

Dates and locations for Early Voting

See Sample Ballots

Florida Senate District 26
Florida Senate District 23
City of Punta Gorda

Did your name change or has your signature changed?

If you have changed your name, you will need to file a name change. Click here to file name change.

Signatures can vary over time.

If your signature doesn’t resemble your signature on file, you may be disqualified. Use this link to update your signature on file.

Additional voter information

Additional voter information is available on our Voter Info page.