Local Democrats Out-Perform Statewide Dems

Almost lost in the election night turmoil was the fact that four local Democrats actually out-performed in Charlotte County over the Dems at the top of the ticket.

Olivia Babis gathered nearly 39% in Charlotte County’s portion of the District 23 State Senate Race.

Catherine Price won better than 37% in the District 26 State Senate race total from Charlotte County.

And Joan Fischer stunned her incumbent rival with 38.61% in her Charlotte County Commission District 4 race.

In addition, Allen Ellison, taking over for the late April Freeman in the FL-17 Congressional race, impressively out-performed. (Allen’s name did not appear on the ballot due to the last minute change)


Olivia Babis, Candidate for State Senate, Dist. 23
Catherine Price, Candidate for State Senate, Dist. 26
Joan Fischer, Candidate for Charlotte Co. Commission, Dist. 4
Allen Ellison, Candidate for US Rep., FL-17


Congratulations to all!