Local Democrats state their views in Letters to the Editor

CharlotteDems.com Editor’s note: Two letters to the editor from local Democrats were published in Wednesday’s Sun. DEC member James Williams criticized Rep. Greg Steube’s record. And DEC Vice Chair Teresa Jenkins defended Democratic positions against Republican lies.


Steube not representing interests of district voters

Editor: On July 25, the Sun published an article on Rep. Greg Steube. I am disappointed it was merely a recitation of questions Mr. Steube asked Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the congressional inquiries. There was no analysis, no positioning Mr. Steube’s questions in the context of the overall hearings, no real news.

Worse, however, the Sun has not taken any opportunity to report on Mr. Steube’s actual work as our district’s representative. Indeed, the only news I’ve seen about his work has been his own Facebook page, and that is largely puffery.

In no news source does one read that Mr. Steubehas voted “no” on virtually all major bipartisan issuespassed by the House, including HR 3253, supporting mental health, Medicaid home health support, reducing wholesale drug costs; HR 2157, supplemental appropriations for disaster relief; HR 1044, Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019; HR 1616, prioritizing efforts of and coordination among U.S. agencies to encourage Central and Eastern European countries to diversify their energy sources and supply routes, increase Europe’s energy security and thereby help the United States reach its global energy security goals; HR 539, Innovators to Entrepreneurs Act of 2019; HR 183, condemning anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry against minorities; and HR 3877, Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019.

I think Mr. Steube is a failure in representing our district. He is among the farthest right members of his own party and voters in our district should be aware of this.

James Williams

Punta Gorda

Here’s the Democrats’ devious game plan

Editor: A recent letter writer expressed his dismay at the “devious game plan” of the Democratic Party. Let’s examine the shadiness of the party.

Voter protection: Russia undermined our democracy in 2016; House Democrats passed a package of election security bills, which were blocked by Republicans in the Senate. It’s shameful how Democrats want to protect the country.

Health care: Democrats believe everyone should have affordable health care. Appalling! If Republicans cared about anyone with a pre-existing condition, they would try to strengthen Obamacare not kill it. With their anti-government crusade, the GOP and the president will take health care away from millions.

Women: Democrats demand income equality, economic security, funding for reproductive health services, a right for women to decide what is best for them and their families. The nerve! Republicans will exchange all of that for a grope-friendly approach to women’s issues. To them, women are just confused dingbats.

Sen. Lindsay Graham said of Democrats: “Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it,” because he and other Republicans exercise it more responsibly? In the Republican world, the environment is getting poisoned; families are getting pulled apart; real-life Nazis live happily among us; prisons have become profit-making enterprises; the education system has been turned into a business; racism, corruption, and greed go unchecked; and daily 96 people get shot and killed.

The GOP trades what’s best for the country for what will allow a racist demagogue to get re-elected. Which party has the devious game plan?

Teresa Jenkins

Punta Gorda