Meet our new Coordinator, Meade McCoy

Late August, we were fortunate to have a full-time coordinator, Jake Burbach. Jake was sent by the State Florida  Democratic Party to help us with staffing the office and organize voter outreach. He had helped us for a few weeks when the Democratic Party decided Jake was needed more in Lee County and he was transferred there.

As the Nov. 7 election day gets closer, the State, ramping up its campaigning and voter outreach, is sending  200 Get Out The Vote coordinators throughout Florida. As a part of this effort, we are again fortunate for the State to send us our new coordinator, Meade McCoy.

Meade has extensive political experience, both as a volunteer and professionally, and has worked local and national campaigns. Her experience came early as a young child. Her “parents would always take my sister and me to vote with them every time they voted.” In her household, “I was raised that to be politically active was an important part of being an American.” Her family is “staunchly Democratic.” She was told growing up that “We are Democrats because we believe that government should take care of people.”

Meade’s professional political experience includes working on presidential campaigns in 2004 for John Kerry and in 2016 for Hillary Clinton.

Meade lives in Delray Beach (Palm Beach County) and was working for a non-profit organization. However, this summer she had a goal to find a job “to help in some way to change the course the country and state has been on for the last couple of years.”

Meade has a very ambitious goal for Charlotte County. “Because this is a historically very red (Republican) county, I have the very optimistic goal of shifting that balance enough to win all of the Democratic candidates on the ticket.”

“I’m very happy to meet the Democrats in Charlotte County who have worked so hard and persisted in the face of overwhelming odds. The commitment and positive attitudes that people had to have to keep fighting these battles here is awe-inspiring.

“I have to say that of every little campaign office I have worked in, this is by far the most impressive. It is a true pleasure to walk in here and see you are organized, staffed and equipped with actual office supplies. It makes me feel incredibly positive about our chances to achieve what we want because you already have a good structure in place and highly committed people.”