Miami Herald: Marco Rubio’s cowardly failure to condemn Trump for praising Putin is “unpatriotic”  

Marco Rubio has refused to condemn Donald Trump for heaping praise on Vladimir Putin while he launches attacks on Ukrainian civilians. As Fabiola Santiago of the Miami Herald wrote in a recent column, Rubio’s refusal to show up to the State Of The Union address and cowardly failure to condemn Trump are more evidence that he’s too weak to stand up for democracy when America’s allies need support.
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By Fabiola Santiago
  • At a time when the United States should be showing the world a bipartisan, united front against Vladimir Putin’s despicable invasion of Ukraine, Florida’s top Republican leaders have instead chosen to play partisan politics.
  • Leave it to Sen. Marco Rubio of Miami and Gov. Ron DeSantis to take the lead by targeting President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address as the subject of their dismissal and ire.
  • Rubio, who’s facing a re-election campaign against law-and-order Congresswoman Val Demings, is boycotting Biden’s speech. Silly man that Rubio has become, spewing dangerous COVID misinformation and downplaying a highly infectious virus that has killed 70,084 in Florida, he was all worked up about being asked to wear a mask. A great excuse for a senator who constantly misses important Senate business.
  • On the merits of their unpatriotic acts at wartime alone, Rubio and DeSantis should give Americans pause.
  • But here’s what’s most interesting — and highly hypocritical — about their all-political, anti-Biden antics. They shun and disrespect the democratically-elected president of our country, but they won’t condemn their own party’s leader, Donald Trump, for still voicing admiration for the man killing and exiling Ukrainians.
  • If for no other reason than the brave fighters of Ukraine, Rubio and DeSantis should have put aside their partisan claptrap for one night. But they chose the same-old, same-old political game. The bottom line remains: If they truly supported Ukraine, they would call Trump’s admiration of Ukraine invader Putin what it was — and still is: Shameful. In not doing so, and forgoing the State of the Union speech by a rightfully-elected Biden in order to throw shade for Putin-admiring Trump, guess on whose side they’re playing this time? Cuba’s. Like Trump, the regime south of us likes Putin, too.
As his fellow Republicans headlined a white nationalist conference in Florida where attendees praised Putin, Marco Rubio stayed silent. Rubio was too weak to condemn those who celebrated the January 6 attack and cheered on the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Just hours after Marco Rubio took the stage at CPAC in Orlando last weekend, Republican colleagues of his spoke at the white nationalist America First Political Action Conference just down the road. Yet even as other Republican leaders condemned the event, Rubio couldn’t muster the courage to denounce the hate-filled gathering taking place in his own state.
“Marco Rubio was too weak to condemn his fellow Republican members of Congress for speaking at an event where attendees celebrated the January 6th attackers who beat police officers, praised Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler, and cheered on racist and antisemitic comments. Condemning white nationalists shouldn’t be hard, but Rubio’s refusal to say anything as they rallied just minutes from where he was speaking is a shameful failure to stand up for the Floridians he serves,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.
Organized by a prominent attendee of the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, the America First Political Action Conference featured attendees cheering on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, celebrating the January 6 attack as “awesome,” and even praising Adolf Hitler. For two years now, the conference has taken place in Florida just minutes away from CPAC.

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