New Tool Helps Grassroots Donors Sponsor Voter Registration in Neighborhood of their Choice

Tallahassee, Fl. – The Florida Democratic Party announced a new online tool for 2020 that allows grassroots donors to apply small-dollar donations to send voter registration forms to unregistered voters in any neighborhood across the state.
The Florida Democratic Party Voter Registration Map (powered by partner Civitech) allows people to donate money and sponsor their precinct or any precinct of their choice for voter registration efforts.
The online tool allows you to search each precinct in the state, showing how many unregistered voters there are broken down by precinct – helping donors decide where they want to chip in.
Once a donation is made, the donation triggers the printing of a voter registration form and a pre-paid envelope to return it to the Supervisor of Elections.
“By donating $20, you will be able to reach 20 voters – knowing exactly where your money is going,” said FDP Executive Director Juan Penalosa. “This tool allows people to be involved in the process – chipping in where they think it will have the most impact on our voter registration efforts, which will be key to setting up our nominee for success in Florida.”
People who want to help FDP register voters can donate $1 for each person they want to send a Voter Registration form. When a precinct is fully funded it darkens in color so over time we will see the map fill in.
To view the tool you can click here:
To review how the tool works you can click here: (and click “how to use” button at the top of the page)
The Florida Democratic Party has invested over $3.2 million in voter registration efforts, pledging to register 200,000 voters before 2020. In addition, Florida Democrats have ramped up their field efforts, invested $2 million in outreach in communities of colorlaunched Campaign Blueprint, and purchased new office space, all evidence that the Florida Democratic Party is making strategic investments for 2020 and beyond.