On the ballot in 2024

Bu Bob Morgan, Random Thoughts, July 18, 2023.

While there won’t likely be any specific controversial referenda to vote on in 2024, and the election will mostly be about choosing individuals to represent us in local, state, and federal capacities, there will certainly be a substantial number of critical matters to be decided. The ballot won’t list them, but the political parties will reflect them. Where you stand on the issues should guide which party you should vote for, particularly in the 2024 election.

If you value:

  • Women’s reproductive freedom
  • Governmental action, not theatrics
  • Climate crisis reversal
  • Election integrity
  • Law and order
  • Responsible gun ownership
  • Responsible investment in technology, infrastructure, education
  • Decency and dignity in the Office of the President
  • Moderation and bipartisanship in your president
  • Cabinet level leadership with qualifications and integrity
  • Holding a president accountable under the law
  • Supreme Court ethics
  • Continued economic recovery from COVID & Russian aggression
  • Global stability and NATO solidarity
  • Responsible and equitable deficit reduction

… then the Democratic Party is for you.

If you value:

  • Constant chaos
  • Destruction of long-standing, vital institutions and laws
  • Safe harbor for bigotry, fascism, authoritarianism
  • No prosecution for criminals who perpetrated crimes against our nation, and pardons for those already found guilty
  • Government gridlock and endless, needless, and pointless investigations
  • Rising deficits
  • Tax relief for the wealthy subsidized by the middle class
  • Culture of cheating

… then today’s Republican Party is for you.

For the sake of our democracy, vote Blue, at all levels of government, but especially the national level and the presidency. It’s not nearly enough to just eke out a close win; we need a massive Blue Wave to wash away the poisonous Red Tide!

 Image Credits: Min Heo