OPINION: “Focus on policies in coming elections”

The following Letter to the Editor from Charlotte County Democrat Douglas Campbell was published today in the Sun:


As folks begin to make decisions on what candidates to vote for in the upcoming mid-term elections, I would advise them not to get too hung up in the swirling scandals surrounding President Trump. Instead, I would advise them to focus on clear policy differences between the political parties.

The Democratic Party believes that all citizens have the right to affordable health care. Some advocate for a Medicare for all system, others for a restructured Affordable Care Act. Republicans have a different view on how healthcare should be disbursed. Their opposition to health care rights is clear in their voting record for years.

Democrats have advocated for clean air, clean water and protecting our environment for as long as I can remember. They have been stewards of our environment by voting for climate change initiatives, protection for our wildlife, as well as favoring legislation designed to prevent emissions from polluting our environment. Republicans have made it clear that they don’t believe in climate science and, of course, Scott Pruitt, recently fired EPA director, had reduced regulations on emissions from big business more than anyone in decades.

Democrats strongly believe in the success of our businesses, but not at the expense of our air and water quality.

So there are two clear voting choices. A vote for Democrats is a vote for clean air, water and health care for all citizens. A vote for Republicans will achieve the opposite.

Douglas Campbell

Port Charlotte

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