Our US Senators need to extend the Child Tax Credit

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the January 19, 2022 edition of The Daily Sun.

In 2021, Congress passed a major expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC). This change made the full CTC available for the first time to 27 million of the lowest-income children and allowed families to receive the credit as a monthly payment.

The expanded CTC is the most significant investment in reducing child poverty in a generation. Since the monthly payments started in July 2021, nearly 4 million children have been lifted out of poverty. Researchers at Columbia University estimate that the new CTC could reduce child poverty by a stunning 45 percent.

But this new CTC expired on Dec. 31, putting millions of children and families at risk just as the new COVID-19 surge threatens them with additional financial hardships. The House has extended it another year as part of the Build Back Better bill, but the Senate has failed to act.

Our senators must pass a CTC extension with permanent full refundability for all low-income families and the monthly payment option in early 2022.

Patricia DeLuca, Nokomis

 Image Credits: https://www.hrblock.com/tax-center/filing/credits/child-tax-credit/