President Biden doing his best to lift us up

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Oct 18,2023.

President Biden has recently delivered powerful addresses following the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. If you have not heard his remarks, you can see the first of his speeches on YouTube or read a transcript available at

As the President said, this is a time for us to come together.

Senators blocking diplomatic appointments and military promotions need to stop obstructing; House Republicans need to elect a Speaker and do their job by passing a budget with funds for the defense of Israel and Ukraine; each of us needs to reach out to our Jewish friends and neighbors.

As he spoke, you could see how deeply the President was affected by the horrors of the Hamas attack. Yet, despite these very human reactions, he and his administration didn’t pause. To the contrary, they immediately got to work calling allies and making plans to support Israel.

Turning grief into positive action is what leadership is all about.

What happened in Israel reveals the darkest parts of humanity. President Biden lifted us up with his words and actions.

Dawn Mann, Port Charlotte

Image Credits: Getty Images