Roe Vs. Wade overturned: what it means for all of us

  • On June 24th, the Supreme Court expressly took away a constitutional right from the American people. New extreme state laws jeopardize the health of millions of women without exceptions for rape or incest and threaten to jail women who seek care.
  • Personal medical decisions should be up to women and their doctors – not politicians.
  • Republicans are focused on banning abortion when they should be trying to improve our economy, ensure that every American can find a good paying job and make health care more affordable. Democrats believe in the freedom of women to make their own personal health decisions and oppose government interference in health care decisions between women and their doctors.
  • Democrats will fight to protect your rights, not take them away. When it comes to personal healthcare decisions, Democrats believe that you know what’s best for your family, and politicians should not pretend to know better. Instead of playing doctor, Democrats will work to lower the cost of healthcare and ensure you have access to high quality care.
  • We know what Republicans want to do:
    • McConnell said Senate Republicans could try for a federal abortion ban if they take back the Senate majority.
    • Pence said Republicans “must not rest and must not relent” until there is an abortion ban in every state.
    • McCarthy said he supports a 15-week abortion ban bill if Republicans take back the House
  • This decision is the direct result of Republicans’ unrelenting, decades-long, radical war on health care and the right to choose. Many MAGA Republicans want to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Read more about their war on the right to an abortion HERE.
  • Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, Republicans are taking their attacks on abortion care to state legislatures: Abortion access is now banned or is likely to be banned soon in about two dozen Republican-controlled states.
  • As Republicans push to make abortion illegal, in many states, electing Democratic governors, attorneys general, state legislatures, and federal representatives is the last line of defense for Americans’ reproductive rights.
  • The choice this November is clear: Instead of focusing on the issues people are worried about, like working to lower costs and address inflation, Republicans are focused on taking away rights and dictating women’s private health care decisions.
Ron DeSantis vows to roll back reproductive rights even further
  • Earlier this year, DeSantis signed a 15-week abortion ban, which went into effect on Friday, July 1st. The law includes no exceptions for rape or incest and makes it a third-degree felony for doctors who don’t comply.
  • Immediately following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Ron DeSantis refused to give specifics but vowed to continue his radical agenda of stripping women’s reproductive rights.
  • While DeSantis dodges questions from reporters about how exactly he will further restrict reproductive freedom, his allies in the Florida Legislature are calling for an emergency session to take immediate steps to completely ban abortion with no exceptions.
  • Elsewhere around the state, Republican state Rep. Webster Barnaby has said he would sponsor legislation next year that would ban all abortions, while incoming state Senate President Kathleen Passidomo said “there’s always a chance,” when asked about a complete abortion ban.
  • Ron DeSantis is dodging questions and refusing to give specifics about his extreme plans to roll back reproductive rights even further because he knows how unpopular the ultra-MAGA agenda is with Floridians. DeSantis has signed one of the cruelest anti-abortion bills in the country, but Floridians deserve to know if DeSantis supports a total ban without exceptions, a ban on contraceptives, or jailing doctors and women who seek care.

Replace Ron DeSantis with a Democrat on November 8th! The veto pen will stop further erosion of women’s rights!

 Image Credits: Beverly Jensen