The following Letter to the Editor was published in the Feb 13th edition of the The Daily Sun.

This November, voters need to remember that the current batch of Florida elected officials do not represent the people.

The bills advancing in the Florida Legislature sound more like Nazi Germany than the wonderfully diverse and complicated state in which we live.

Banning a woman’s right to choose her own medical care, limits to ban LGBTQ discussion in schools, and provisions to allow parents to sue teachers are but a few of the dreadful bills making their way toward the desk of a governor who will gleefully sign such measures.

One must ask if such laws truly reflect the will of a majority of Floridians. Florida Republicans are bowing to the authoritarian rants of a governor more focused on higher office than serving Floridians.

The truth is the average person is most likely too busy trying to pay the rent and raise kids than worry about who they elect to state offices. That dynamic has to change starting in the Fall elections.

Jane Merriam, Punta Gorda