Virtual Signatures For Candidates Now Okay

Image Credit : Farenheit211

Source: Charlotte County Democrats

By: Teresa Jenkins Posted: April 7, 2020

Emergency Rule 20-1 “removes the requirement that the qualifying items be ‘original[s] and signatures thereon … be made in ink’ so that these items can be collected, notarized, and submitted with limited person-to-person contact.”

A second Emergency Rule (20-2) addressed the petition process, removing the requirement “that the voter’s signature on a candidate petition be an ‘original, ink signature’ so that signed petitions can be collected without person-to-person contact.”

What these rules say is that people collecting petitions for District 75 candidate David Jones do not have to submit the original of the document, but that it can be filled in, signed, scanned and emailed to

This helps to eliminate the need for person-to-person collection. Petitions can be completed and either emailed or mailed to the appropriate address. The Supervisor of Elections Office will then verify the voter’s signature, which is the main thing that is required for each and every petition.