Voter registration drive launched by Charlotte Dems and Indivisible Action SWFLA

(left to right) Presenters Elaine Lowry and Maura McMahon; Ann Dixon, Nancy Razvozza and Connie Payne

Voter registration is a key strategy that gets a lot of attention during election years. But not so much attention in off-years.

This year is different. “Charlotte Democratic Party and Indivisible Action SWFLA are partnering to train volunteers to register voters,” says Nancy Razvoza, Presidentof the Charlotte Democratic Club. “The goal is for trained volunteers to go out to different locations and events to register voters.”

Training is very important because state and federal election laws must be followed, says Nancy. For example, although this effort is run by Democrats, voter registration is nonpartisan. “If someone wants to register as a Republican or no party affiliation, we have to register them. We can’t register just Democrats.” The training includes signing a pledge to abide by the Charlotte Dem rules and follow the law.

About 25 people have completed the training. They then take their new skills on the road to register voters. “We had two action days in which 8 people went out in groups of two to libraries, Charlotte County Cultural Center, and the laundromat next to our office”, said Elaine Lowry, a co-trainer and Indivisible member. They registered new voters and also returning citizens whose rights have been restored.

Elaine and Nancy not only want more trained volunteers, but they also want venues to register voters. “We are looking for events and locations to go to register voters”, says Connie Payne, co-trainer. “We want everyone eligible in Charlotte County to be registered to vote by 2020.” Connie says.

The voter registration training is held at the Charlotte County Democratic Club office on Thursdays, 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Do you want to register voters? Do you know a good location? Please contact Democratic Club office, 941-258-3542 or email