Where can I put a Yard Sign?

You can support your favorite candidates with yard signs on your own property. Here are the rules in Punta Gorda and Charlotte County. Drop by Democratic Headquarters to get your signs.


Punta Gorda Code Section 26.11.3(k) Political Signs. [Permitted for all uses and exempt from permitting requirements.]

(1) Political signs shall mean signs attracting attention to political candidates or issues.

(2) Political signs shall not be located in the public right-of-way, public water canals or on other public property or on any utility pole or tree, except within specified proximity of polling places on election day, under rules utilized by the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections.

(3) Such signs shall be limited to not more than one per candidate or issue on any single parcel.

(4) Such signs shall be located on private property, with permission of the owner.

(5) Such signs shall not exceed 32 square feet in area per side and 6 feet in height, except where such sign is erected in place of another type of sign permitted at that location, then it shall be the same size and subject to the same conditions as such sign.

(6) Where such signs refer to an election they may be placed a maximum of 45 days prior to the election and shall be removed within 5 days after the election, unless the candidate progresses from the General Election Primary to the General Election, in which case the sign(s) may remain in place until 5 days after the general election.

(7) If there are more than 45 days between the General Election Primary and General Election, then political signs for candidates or issues that will be on the General Election ballot and are opposed by a candidate in the General Election Primary, may be erected in accordance with the specifications of this section the day after the General Election Primary.

Charlotte County (Outside of Punta Gorda)