A message from Andrea Doria Kale, CD 17 candidate

I am in a hotel in Clearwater for how long I don’t know. Until my home is safe again. I had flood damage in addition to the downed tree on the house so everything is wet and mildewed. Insurance company Flood and Nationwide only got out to me yesterday and Tuesday.
If you need help navigating insurance companies, I can help.  I wish I was closer to help more but this was the neatest hotel they could get me 80 miles north of my home.
VBM ballots are being received already. Please if Kansas can outdo them 2 to 1 in a primary we can do it too! But I can’t do it alone long distance. FYI campaign is running low on funding especially because of the hurricane and 3 of the digital billboards out of the 6 have power as of yesterday and hopefully the other 3 will also. They are set to run from October 9 – November 7.
Let’s show them what we’re made of Charlotte County!!! Let’s defeat the MAGA Election Deniers and Climate Deniers that want to strip away all of our rights, not just women, all of us!
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