Build Back Better plan will level taxes

Editor’s note: The following letter was published in the Daily Sun on October 19,2021.

The Build Back Better Plan consists of the following tasks: lower child care costs, universal preschool for ages 3 & 4, two years free community college, increase to the maximum Pell Grant by $1,500, lower prescription drug costs, lower health care costs, add dental, vision and hearing to Medicare, expand home care for older and disabled persons, lower housing costs, tax cuts for families with children, tax cuts for workers w/o children, workforce training including technical education and registered apprenticeships, 10 million clean energy jobs, investments in teachers and schools.

To learn more about the ($3.5 T over 10 years) plan, go to It will be paid for by making the tax code fairer and the wealthiest and largest corporations pay their fair share. The plan won’t add to the deficit and no one making under $400K will see their taxes go up.

If you paid $1 in taxes last year, you paid more than some of the largest corporations. Do you know the top 1% now own more wealth than the entire middle class? Today, CEOs earn at least 320 times more per hour than the average worker, who earns $24.52/hour or $5,493/month. The CEOS earn $7,847/hour or $1,757,728/month. And they pay less in taxes than us.

It’s time they pay their fair share. It’s time to level the playing field. Congress needs to pass the Build Back Better Plan to save the middle class and this country.

Lee Hall


 Image Credits: Susan Walsh/AP