The truth about antifa

Image Credit: Indivisible

Submitted by: Teresa Jenkins on 6/28/2020

How convenient for conservative politicians and news outlets to rant that the recent Black Lives Matter protests are led by antifa when in fact they are led by multiracial and multigenerational crowds seeking a reckoning with systemic problems of racism and policing.

There is no organization called antifa . There is no leader or centralized structure; it is just people prepared to take action against fascism. No meaningful link to antifa has been established at any of the protests locally or around the country. Fox “News” was forced to remove manipulated images which depicted protesters as heavily armed antifa soldiers.

One possible reason that the far-right insists on these disinformation campaigns is to frame legitimate protests as terrorist threats. This allows for federal, even military, intervention and excessive use of force to be justified, and stirs up culture war controversy that appeases Trump’s base.

Some will still believe there is an antifa. They won’t try to grasp the pain at the root of these protests or the history of denial of racial problems in general. For the rest of us, if we listen, we can ensure future protests will no longer be needed by earnestly and quickly addressing centuries’ old racial inequities.

Help us call out the lies

The president has made more than 19,000 false or misleading statements since assuming the presidency, by the count of the Washington Post.

If you see or hear false or misleading statements from the president, conservative media, the governor, or anyone, fact check the statement and send an article to us here . We also encourage letters to the editor written by you as a citizen.