Joe Biden’s Vision for American Leadership

Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

Joe Biden will advance the security, prosperity, and values of the United States by taking immediate steps to renew our own democracy and alliances, protect our economic future, and once more place America at the head of the table, leading the world to address the most urgent global challenges.

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In a Biden administration, America will lead by example and rally the world to meet our common challenges that no one nation can face on its own, from racism to pandemics, from climate change to nuclear proliferation, from great power aggression to transnational terrorism, from cyber-warfare to mass migration.

Joe Biden will:

Reinforce our Democracy
Remake our education system so that a child’s opportunity in life isn’t determined by their zip code or race;
• Reform our criminal justice system to eliminate inequitable disparities;
• Restore the Voting Rights Act;
• Seek greater transparency in our campaign finance system so money, foreign and domestic, won’t pollute our politics;
• Institute strict conflict-of-interest and anti-corruption policies for every member of the Biden administration so there will be no more self-dealing; and
• Immediately return to daily press briefings at the White House, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Department of Defense. Our foreign policy relies on the informed consent of the American people. That is not possible when our government refuses to communicate with the public.

Restore our Moral Leadership

• Immediately end the horrific practice of separating families at our border and holding immigrant children in for-profit prisons and establish sensible policies that improve screening procedures at our legal ports of entry;
• Protect undocumented members of our armed services, veterans, and their spouses from deportation;
• Order a review of Temporary Protected Status to vulnerable populations including Venezuelans and Haitians;
• Restore a commitment to science and truth in government, including bringing back the words “climate change”; and
• Revitalize our national commitment to advancing global human rights and democracy.

Joe Biden believes that economic security is national security. That is why, as president, Biden will pursue a foreign policy for the middle class. To win the competition for the future against China or anyone else, we must sharpen our innovative edge and unite the economic might of democracies around the world to counter abusive economic practices.

Rebuild the Middle Class, the Backbone of the Country: Give every student the skills they need to obtain a good 21st-century job; make sure every single American has access to quality, affordable healthcare; invest in infrastructure; raise the minimum wage to $15; and lead the clean-economy revolution to create 10 million new jobs in the United States.

Rally the World to Address the Existential Climate Crisis: The Biden administration will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord to achieve a clean-energy economy as he outlines in his comprehensive plan.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Invest in Our Innovative Edge;
  • Renew American Leadership to Mobilize Global Action on Global Threats;
  • Defend our Vital Interests;
  • End Forever Wars;
  • Elevate Diplomacy;
  • Restore and Reimagine Our Global Strategic Partnerships; and
  • Renew our Commitment to Arms Control for a New Era.

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