Charlotte County update on the Covid vaccine

By Bill & Vicky Welsch, Charlotte Dems writers

Report by Joseph Pepe, FL Dept of Health Administrator and Patrick Fuller, Charlotte County Emergency Operations to the Commissioners, Jan 26, 2021

BOTTOM LINE ONE: Charlotte County has the resources to administer the vaccine. We just need the product.

BOTTOM LINE TWO: “In a few days,” the state of FL will open “Share Care” which will handle online and phone registrations for those requesting to receive first time vaccinations. The phone # to call to register for a vaccine appointment is 866-200-9160.

  • Charlotte County is one of the first eight counties of 67 FL counties to be onboarded for the new state registration system, “Sharecare,” which will come online “in a few days.” Phone registration will be available first followed by web registration thereafter.
  • Those who received their first doses through the Charlotte County system ( are being contacted by the county for their second doses.  New appointments will not be taken at the old Charlotte County registration site.
  • Walmart and Winn Dixie will come on-line in the future with vaccination appt and delivery systems.
  • There are plenty of resources to administer the vaccine we just need the supply.
  • Charlotte County has identified 22 partners poised to help with vaccination once supply is available.
  • As of Jan 25, 1.4 million Floridians have had first shot, 157,000 have had the second shot. In Charlotte County, 9,700 have had their first shot, 840 have had the second shot. Most second shots have been delivered to health care workers and nursing home (Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living facilities) staff and residents.
  • The phone # to call to register for a vaccine appointment is 866-200-9160.