Don’t confuse religion and political rhetoric

The following letter to the editor was published in The Daily Sun on Aug 28, 2022. Thanks, Cindy!

Hey Republicans: Your entire party has been hijacked. It’s past time to step away from party labels and open your eyes, ears, and minds to what is going on. The January 6th hearings are making this crystal clear. The former guy was/is only concerned with his own interests: stay in office so they cannot put me in jail for all the atrocities I committed. He only cares about your vote, not you.

The “Big Lie” continues to exist. Republicans try to hide the truth behind made-up “problems” such as being “woke,” gender issues, replacement theories, critical race theory, when there are real issues that our representatives should be addressing: inflation; lack of affordable housing and well-paying jobs; gun safety; environmental issues; intolerance/hatred. We are killing each other through lies regarding these fake “cultural” issues, as well as lies about COVID, vaccines, and masks. All who perpetuate these lies should be sent packing. Vote for the Democrats who will address real issues.

You are equating the names “Liberals,” “Democrats,” with “anti-Christian,” “Anti-Life,” and other false associations. Beware of the language that treats the Democratic Party, Republican Party, or Supreme Court as religious organizations. They are not.

When you blurt out the crazed conspiracy theories/lies/opinions, you’re not being Christians. What I hear from those who “preach” this nonsense does not sound like anything I have read in the Bible. Apparently, we aren’t reading the same Gospels. Love one another? Feed my sheep? Do unto others?

Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie, Punta Gorda