Florida Senate Candidate Takes on Opponent with Song

Editor’s Note: Catherine Price’s campaign sent us the following news release.

Catherine Price, Candidate for Senatorial District 26 (Dem), is taking on her political opponent, Ben Albritton (Rep), with song. Catherine says that many voters are despondent about the state of political discourse. “People are stressed out and withdrawing from news and politics. Some have become so overwhelmed that they are not digesting information even when it is critical to their lives and the future of our state.”

Catherine, a health care professional and nurse, initially thought that pulling out her guitar on the campaign trail might detract from the importance of her political message.  However, she is finding that people are more willing to discuss politics if they are relaxed and engaged with a bit of music and humor.  Catherine’s husband encouraged her by saying, “When you sing people remember what you say.”   She initially wrote a song called, “Let’s Make Ben a Has Ben.” https://www.facebook.com/PriceFLSenate26/videos/151898259085543/ People were enjoying her English version so much that she decided to try a couple of verses in Spanish.   Her Spanish version is called “Ben Esta En El Pasado” https://www.facebook.com/PriceFLSenate26/videos/425449754652994/ which strictly translated means Ben is in the past.

Politicians have always used music to get their message across. The use of social media is allowing people more room for creativity in their politicizing.  Catherine states, “People may be laughing and tapping their toes while I am singing, but they are also listening to my message.  If I can get my point across by singing and having a little fun, then I will probably continue to sing at least occasionally.  If people go home still humming the tune that is great but if they share it with their neighbor, then that is definitely value added.”