Florida Senate Candidate Takes on Opponent with Song

Catherine Price, Candidate for Senatorial District 26 (Dem), is taking on her political opponent, Ben Albritton (Rep), with song. Catherine says that many voters are despondent about the state of political discourse. “People are stressed out and withdrawing from news and politics. Some have become so overwhelmed that they are not digesting information even when it is critical to their lives and the future of our state.”

Tallahassee restored power to 90% of customers last night. That could be good for Andrew Gillum.

Tallahassee’s electric utility said it restored power to 90 percent of its customers Sunday night, meeting its goal just four days after Hurricane Michael knocked out service to nearly everyone in the city. Schools and universities were reopening in the city Monday morning, and the water and wastewater systems that failed during the storm are now working…