Give Democrats credit for progress being made

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Dec 15, 2021.  Please submit your own by clicking HERE.

Today there is only one pro-democracy political party and that is the Democratic Party. Republican policy proposals consist of rigging elections and stopping people from voting. They promote violence, disregard election results, and play to white supremacists. They are the defenders of rich tax scofflaws and billionaires who pay no taxes.

Democrats are leading us out of the pandemic while Republican governors, senators and representatives are sabotaging progress on all fronts. Democrats are focused on what most people care about: health care, jobs, freedom, prosperity, and safety. Fully 5.6 million jobs were created in President Biden’s first nine months and unemployment is down to 4.6 percent from an estimated 10 percent.

Biden has secured broadband internet and better roads, bridges, electric power and drinking water for everyone, not just the wealthy. We have a president who has nominated ethical officials to the executive branch and has restored a sense of competence absent for four years. Democrats in the U.S. House passed a slew of bills showing how a functional legislative body with responsible leadership operates.

Thank you, President Biden, and House Democrats for caring about us.

Dawn Mann, Port Charlotte

 Image Credits: Evan Vucci/AP