Greg Steube just doesn’t measure up

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Oct 27, 2022.

In its Oct 13th editorial “Steube faces challenger for Congress”, the Daily Sun appropriately points out that the incumbent has been an arrogant, gun-toting, self-serving, extremely right-wing, Big Lie-supporting politician who has consistently voted against the interests of his constituents, not even deeming to grant an interview with his local newspaper. Over two terms, Steube is 0 for 88 in legislation he sponsored or co-sponsored with a Republican colleague and he consistently voted NO on even bipartisan legislation. Steube, a veteran, even voted against the PACT Act which became law in August, helping veterans suffering from serious health effects of Burn Pit exposure.

The challenger, moderate Andrea Doria Kale, comes from a family of veterans and presents herself as a viable alternative. She is looking to build bipartisan unity among Democrats, Republicans and Independents, both with voters and within Congress. What makes you believe that with a Democratic-held Congress and with Biden still President that she can’t do better than Steube?

I am greatly dismayed that the editorial staff concluded that it chose to make no recommendation in this race. It is my hope that the voters will indeed choose to replace Steube with this candidate who will represent and advocate for the needs of all Floridians, not just the resident of Mar-a-Lago. Please vote for Andrea Doria Kale to be our next Congressional District 17 Representative.

Francis Dance, Englewood