Greg Steube voted against funding our government

Here is his insane argument!  Vote him out of office in 2024.

“Yesterday, I voted NO on a Continuing Resolution (CR) that extends current funding levels of the Pelosi-Schumer budget for another 45 days. I have heard from thousands of you over the past few weeks that you elected Republicans to cut spending, secure the border, and get our economy back on track. Unfortunately, yesterday’s deal does none of those things, which is why I could not in good conscience support this legislation.

Floridians did not elect me to do CR’s with the Democrats and continue Washington’s reckless spending. I’ve always fought against wasteful spending and business as usual in Washington D.C. Our national debt now exceeds $33 trillion and serious measures must be considered to save our country from financial and economic ruin. I am hopeful we can find a path forward that puts American taxpayers first and finally begins to rein in reckless, out-of-control spending that has been going on in Washington for far too long. ”

He neglects to mention that the Trump-Republican tax cuts in 2017 added $7 BILLION to our deficit over their 4-year term.