How Bill Nelson could ultimately win the recount in Florida’s U.S. Senate race

Just 21,888 votes out of 8.2 million separate Sen. Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott in the Florida Senate race. And the margin continues to narrow — it was at nearly 60,000 on election night and 34,000 Wednesday afternoon.

The thing is clear: This race is headed to a recount. Scott, the Republican, leads Nelson, the Democrat, by 0.26 percentage points. That is well within the margin for a machine recount (0.5 percent) and very close to the threshold for a recount by hand (0.25 percent).

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Something Very Odd Happened With Broward County’s Ballots in the Florida Senate Election

One reason for hope for Nelson is that a traditionally Democratic area, Broward County, has so far reported fewer votes for the Senate race compared with the gubernatorial race, according to data compiled by MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki. In other Florida counties, no such discrepancy exists.

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