Letter to the Editor: Hey, Russia: “Keep on keepin’ on”

CharlotteDems.com Editor’s Note: The following letter from CCDEC Vice Chair Teresa Jenkins was published Wednesday, May 29th in the Charlotte Sun


A hostile foreign power interfered in the 2016 election with the objective of installing the Weakling. The Weakling’s campaign was aware of this intervention and welcomed it. The Weakling’s party, who would have called this behavior treasonous if a Democrat did it, kept its head in the sand.

The president’s refusal to make combating Russian interference in our elections a high priority is a telltale sign that he is not at all motivated to turn back the threat.

Instead of ensuring our voting system is protected, the president is working in tandem with outside trolls. Does he see the political division that this created in 2016 as his ticket to re-election, or could it be that the Weakling has been compromised and continues to be influenced by a Kremlin eager to see him remain in office? Maybe both?

It has become blatantly obvious that protecting voting rights is an inherently Democratic value. They are the party that will ensure free and fair elections, restore the Voting Rights Act, undo restrictive voter ID rules, and protect early voting. Expect to see the Weakling’s party return to its conspiracy theory of voter fraud providing cover for new laws making it trickier for Democrats to vote.

We didn’t appreciate having a voting system that was honest and secure until we had one riddled with corruption by an immoral president and his party, who will welcome even more foreign help in 2020.

Teresa Jenkins

Punta Gorda

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