PolitiFact calls out Rick Scott’s failed attempt to get credit with Marco Rubio for Everglades funding

At a recent visit to a dam surrounding Lake Okeechobee, Senator Rick Scott touted the Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act’s $1 billion in funding allocated for Everglades restoration, claiming that he and Marco Rubio secured one of the largest single investments on record for the Everglades. There’s just one problem: both Rubio and Scott voted against the infrastructure legislation. 
Key points:
  • After the Biden administration announced that the new bipartisan infrastructure law would provide $1.1 billion to protect and restore the Everglades in South Florida, Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., visited the region to celebrate the investment.
  • It’s a political tradition for lawmakers to boast about their votes in Congress that help bring money home to their constituents. But Scott didn’t vote for the law that’s funding the Everglades project. Neither did Sen. Marco Rubio, the Florida colleague he shared the credit with.
  • Just before the Senate vote, Scott said on Fox News that he supported infrastructure, but not the level of spending proposed in the bill.
  • When the Senate took up the bill, Scott and Rubio voted against it. If the vote had gone their way, the money for Everglades restoration would likely have died with the bill.