Polling shows Dem. State Senate Candidate Olivia Babis leading

Faith Olivia Babis is leading Republican state Rep. Joe Gruters in the race for SD 23 by 3 percentage points.

(The polling on the District 23 race is included in this story on FloridaPolitics.com)

Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Caroline Rowland was quoted saying, “After 20 years of Republican rule in Florida, it is clear that absolute power has corrupted absolutely. Across our state, red tide and algae blooms are causing environmental and economic devastation, our public schools continue to suffer as Republican leaders reallocate public school funds to their donors in the for-profit education industry, an epidemic of gun violence continues to traumatize our communities, and health care costs continue to soar as the GOP tries to take away coverage from eight million Floridians with pre-existing conditions. It is clear Floridians are ready for a change.”

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